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Touch-screen control & menu driven- no keypad. EASIER to operate, wireless... (more)

Advanced Alarms

Remotely arm/disarm or view status, history, or video. Get text or email alerts... (more)

Web & Phone Control

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UL Monitoring

Video is powerful evidence & deterrence, for businesses & now easy for homes.. (more)

Video; Home/Business

Smartly & sharply competitive without risking value, reliability & effectiveness... (more)

Pricing & Installation

Take amazing control of lights, locks & temperature, on or off premises... (more)

Lifestyle Management
Lifestyle Management

Physically control who, when, & conditions for door access, with audit trail..  ... (more)

Access Control
Alarm System Web & Phone Control Access Control
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Off-site control of home systems
    (heating, cooling, lighting, & security.)

Text or email alerts for system events.

Even remote  lock control with audit trail & alerts.
30 years, locally owned/ operated.
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Affordable Control, Convenience, & Peace-of-mind

 Intelligent Solutions

The Z-wave Controller is included in all our new alarm systems, and the optional emPower™ feature of Alarm.Com service, gives you a feature-rich home automation and energy management solution that is surprisingly affordable. It provides complete local and remote control of the critical systems at your property with any web-enabled computer or mobile device.

Existing security systems can be easily retrofitted.

 Heating & Cooling Management

If your existing thermostat is already controlled by time-of-day, what happens when your schedule changes and you’re coming home later or earlier than you planned? Now you can change those settings on the go, and create savings while you’re away, or comfort-convenience if you’re arriving sooner.

emPower makes your thermostats smarter, and uses triggers like the time of day, day of week and the status of the security system to make your property run more efficiently. Even receive real-time alerts when a thermostat setting is changed or the temperature goes out of range.

emPower gives you greater awareness and control of your property's energy usage than ever before with anytime, anywhere access to your thermostats through web and mobile devices. And, you'll never have to look at another painful instruction manual explaining how to program schedules into your thermostat again. You can easily control all of your thermostat settings through our user-friendly web site and mobile apps.

The Z-wave Controller is already included in all our new alarms, just add the compatible thermostat and the emPower™ option, and start enjoying the savings from both heating & cooling that easily pays for this upgrade.

Create custom light settings, with emPower™. Set automatic, scheduled, or event-triggered lighting rules that are designed to fit your home or business routines. With remote control from across the room or across the world, emPower offers a variety of light automation options for enhanced security and convenience, while also helping you save energy. Leaving lights on is one of the biggest wastes of energy for any home or business.

With emPower, you can set lights to turn on or off:

Create light schedules to give your property a "lived in" look when no one is home to prevent possible intruders. Just tap the alarm control touch-screen and you can even activate pre-created light “scenes” to set multiple lights (on, off, or varying levels of brightness) for particular moods, like dining, watching TV, entertaining, or even an all-lights-on for a panic situation.

It’s not just for big homes anymore.

Access control puts you in command.  With emPower™ there's no more turning back to make sure the doors are locked or rushing home to let someone in. emPower lets you remotely monitor and control your locks so you can constantly stay aware, and able to take action from anywhere. emPower makes it easy for you to lock or unlock a door remotely, or even better, create a lock access code for anyone who needs access to your property; you'll be alerted immediately via text or email when someone unlocks a door.

No more giving out the keys

emPower lock control means you don't have to give out keys to all the people who are authorized to enter your property — like your dog walker, neighbor, or babysitter — and then worry about getting the keys back later. It's easy to grant a new visitor access without having to run to the hardware store for a key copy — just go to your account website or sign in from your mobile device. And if you forget your keys inside, just use the exterior keypad.

Greater convenience and control

emPower lock control is fully integrated with your security system, making it easy to manage the lock and alarm users in one place. Keep track of all the activity that happens at your property after the door is unlocked using enabled sensors, motion detectors and video cameras.

(Full details of web & phone remote access & control capability.)
Remote Access Details

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